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    Being kind is not the same as being nice; you don’t always have to be nice, but you should always try to be kind.   Be brave. Try things that scare you.   Speak up for yourself and your friends.   Speak up to your friends when they’re causing you pain.   If you try and fail, cry about it, then figure it out and move forward.   Love people fearlessly, even after you’ve been hurt.   Be earnest.   Be present.   Give yourself room to grow.   Forgive yourself when things go wrong.   Remember that tomorrow is a second chance.    Be yourself.   Be as much of yourself as you want to be, all the time.   Be loud, be intense, be ambitious, be defensive, be sad, be angry, be unapologetic about anything you are that isn’t hurting other people — and when other people tell you that you’re hurting them, apologize and be better. --
by Amy Poehlery
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The Mission

Our mission is to help as many people with Sickle Cell Disease as possible.  I would love to ease the pain of all individuals with sickle cell, but changing just one life will mean the world to that person.

As a an individual with sickle cell disease, I understand the pain.  I understand the mental struggle.  Dealing with pain and chronic pain is mind altering.  You are constantly questioning your reason for living.  You ask God why me? You struggle to understand why you should get up each day.  Why should you go to work or do anything but stay in bed?  When life is so painful, when everything just seems to be happening to you, when you feel like you have the worst luck in the world... a little help goes a long way.

How can you make a life if you can't make a living?  Some people get disability income.  But come on, what kind of life can you live on that income?   You will need more help.  Hopefully you have family. Thank God for my family.  I couldn't have accomplished the things I have accomplished if I didn't have such a supportive family.  So, I want to help.  I want to be a part of something that changes someone's life for the better.  That's why the grants are so large.

I want to make a significant difference in as many lives of persons with sickle cell disease as possible. To do that, I need a little help from a lot of people.  So I am asking for your donations.

Any size donation will help.

Goal: To raise a minimum of $600,000.00 per year so that we can distribute grants and scholarships twice a month.  Funds will be distributed every time we reach $25,000.  This will be an ongoing campaign to raise money to help persons with sickle cell disease.
How will your donations be distributed?

 The first $25,000 will be distributed as follows: 
 - 10% to the child fund
 - 20% to 2 scholarships
 - 20% to 1 grant
 - 10% to an emergency fund to quickly help people with sickle cell in financial hardship
 - 5% to individuals with sickle cell that submitted information to make this website possible
 - 35% to administration
 The next $25,000 and every $25, 000 there after:
 - 10% to the child fund
 - 20% to 2 scholarships
 - 20% to 1 grant
 - 15% to the emergency fund
 - 35% to administration
Qualifications for the child fund Grant
 - have sickle cell disease
 - be under the age of 18
 - submit an application that will include a detailed explanation of how the applicant will use
   the money
 - have a parent or guardian sign a consent form
Qualifications for the Scholarship Grant
 - have sickle cell disease
 - open to all ages
 - submit an application that will include a detailed explanation of how the applicant will use
   the money to further their education.
 - sign a consent form
Qualifications for the Grants
- have sickle cell disease
- open to all ages
- submit an application that will include a detailed explanation of how the applicant will use the money
  to somehow enhance their life.  Some examples are: to start a business, fund an invention, purchase a
  home, renovate a home, etc...  Be creative. Grants can be used for a variety of purposes.
- sign a consent form
In order to receive funds, persons with sickle cell disease will have to submit a pre-printed application, a consent form, a doctor's letter and an essay that will be reviewed and voted on by the Inspiring More Minds' Board of Directors.
Once a decision is made the winner will be featured on this website.
The emergency funds will be given out at the sole discretion of the administration.